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happy new year 2022Happy 2022!

It seems everyone you talk with is saying the same thing – “can’t believe it 2022.” The last two years have hit us hard! A lot of us feel our mental and physical health has been impacted negatively in a big way. Each year we start out vowing we are going to do better – for our jobs, our family and friends and most importantly - ourselves. We are here to help not only on the outside with healthy skin and anti-aging regimens but on the inside as well. Take time this year to eat well, exercise a bit more, start meditating, and be kind to yourself and others. Put those 10x magnifying mirrors away! Don’t try to look like the person you were 20 or 30 years ago. Aspire to be the best healthy version of yourself – today. You are an amazing daughter, wife, mother, grandmother, friend…the list goes on. As the old saying goes beauty is only skin deep – focus on the wonderful person you are on the inside.

ENH Spotlight on ServiceSpotlight on Services

Reduce unwanted hair on your face or body!

Hair removal treatments are most effective when done on skin that is not tanned or recently exposed to the sun making winter the best time of year to begin hair removal. By the time warm weather rolls around you will have a noticeable reduction in hair.

Unwanted hair is removed using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). It is a very effective way of eliminating about 90% of brown or black hair. Hair that is removed does not grow back but because the body is always working to grow new hair there may be minimal new growth that can be treated with occasional follow up treatments. Because the treatment needs the pigment in the hair to draw the light into the hair follicle, gray or very fine blond hair does not respond to the treatment. Any area of the body and any skin color can be treated safely and effectively with NO downtime.

Hair Removal Special through February 28th*:

  • Buy one area at regular price and receive a second area at 50% OFF. For example – purchase hair removal of your armpits and get hair removal of the lip at 50% off. (some exceptions may apply)
  • OR receive any ONE area of hair removal at 30% OFF


Get your body in shape for summer!

SculpSure® - the FDA-approved treatment to permanently reduce stubborn areas of fat - will be on special through February. The special price is $899 for two treatments spaced 6-12 weeks apart. Get started now so you will be ready for summer vacation. A short consult will determine if you are a good candidate for this treatment.

ENH Spotlight on ProductsSpotlight on Products

Upgrade your Moisturizer and SAVE

The product you were using in summer and fall may not be enough to hydrate your skin in the winter. If a richer moisturizer is not alleviating your dry skin, try adding a hyaluronic acid (HA) component to your regimen under your moisturizer. An HA helps seal in water in the skin and enhances your moisturizer – plumping the skin and giving you a healthy glow.

ENH has two great HA serums and you'll find them on sale this month at 15% off!

Latest news from ENHNews from our Front Desk

Dr. Kramar's Recommendations to Combat Dry Skin Throughout the Winter:

Increase your Vitamin D intake for skin health. A daily supplement of 2000 iu is needed in the winter months.

Increase your MUFA's (mono-unsaturated fatty acids) – such as avocado, nuts, olives, and dark chocolate. Get some healthy fats into your diet daily.

Use a Daily Sunscreen – even in the winter! A mineral based sunscreen (zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide) not only protects from the sun but provides a shield to harsh cold winds that can dry out your skin making it red and fragile.

Upgrade your Moisturizer by adding a hyaluronic acid component to your regimen. See above for details about how you can save 15%!

ENH wishes you a peaceful 2022



As 2022 gets off to a start we are hoping for a peaceful, healthy year for all! Looking forward to seeing you soon.



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*Treatment must begin by February 28, 2022
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